Gathering initial customer feedback, revising dozens of samples, doing multiple quality tests… Changing, testing and changing again…


Just imagine this!


People all over the world have had their impact on the Journal you’re holding right now!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for choosing it! Now, you’re a part of it too💞


Pss, if you randomly bumped into this page and have no clue what’s happening, here is what’s happening — Journal for Busy People


I created some guidance on how to use it and I will use myself as an example. I prefer that over generalized instructions because it’s easier to understand and relate.


By the way, if you prefer a YT video on How to Use Journal for Busy People, I’ve created one for you as well. 🙂


Otherwise, read on.


For setting my goals I use a top-down approach, and this Journal is based on it.


I start with asking myself a question:


“Where do I see myself in 12 months?” and decide what areas I want to develop.


For me, it’s

– Work

– Business

– Health and Beauty

– Personal Development

– Social Life

– Sport

– Finance

– Family


I call them goal categories and note them as headings in the 8 column table.


Then I start mapping out my goals by writing them down in the columns (under each heading).


I typically use the



For example, one goal is



This approach triggers my brain to question: OK,

– how will I achieve this goal,

– when can this (realistically) be achieved,

– do I actually need or want to achieve this goal?



After that, I’m going to lay out my goals on a TIMESCALE.


The timescale is a line consisting of 12 months, and each month marked as a diamond.


In project management, a diamond represents a milestone, and we’re going to come up with milestones for each timescale. 


Under each diamond on the timescale, write down all the months starting from the month you begin the journal + 12 months, e.g., January to December or March to February.


You see, there are eight timescales, because each timescale is for one goal category.


Remember them? 

– Work

– Business

– Health and Beauty

– Personal Development

– Social Life

– Sport

– Finance

– Family


When I’m distributing my goals for the next 12 months on the timescale I’ll ask myself,

in what months do I need to work on my goals to meet the deadlines set in the table on the previous page?


For example, if I want to become a better public speaker by the end of 2019, I need to schedule a speech every other month. I’m going to ask myself, is that realistic? I’m going to flip through my other timescales: given that I have other goals, how realistic is this plan?


You’ll probably need to come back to the “GOALS FOR THE YEAR” and tweak some deadlines.

I always do this. That’s the purpose of this Journal – to set your goals mindfully.


The timescale serves two major purposes: 

  1. Helping you break down your goals into achievable steps


For example:


I aim to have 6,000 people using my journal by December 2019, because my journal can help them.


What are the steps to reach this goal?

– January:

Complete all the preparation for launching

– February:

Put up my first YouTube videos – this one, and another on unboxing.

– March:

Gather feedback from my clients and hand that feedback over to my supplier to further improve my journal.


  1. Helping you plan


For example, one of my goals is to read 6 books by December 2019.

So, what’s my plan?

– January: Read The compound effect

– February: Read Goals!: How to get everything you want — faster than you ever thought possible

– March: Read Sapiens



I also have goals that refer to habit formation. It doesn’t make much sense to me to put these goals on a timescale;

I’ll show you later what I do with goals like these (see Monthly spread below).


And yes, I write it all out in pencil, because I might have to change my plans, or might finish them earlier, or have to delay them.


Update: I’ve just ordered Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pen (black). I”ll post on IG @tiana_mcboz how it works on the Journal’s pages. 



In the shaded rectangle at the top of the page, you write down the month.


Below the month is a quote that I find motivating. I left half of the months’ quotes blank for you to fill in yourself. 

If you need some inspiration, click here for a collection of my favorite quotes.


To complete monthly focus I go back to the timescales and collect information from across all eight timescales.

This gives me a reference for what I need to do this month, sort of a reminder, if you will.


For me, it’s to close 2 pending deals at work, read the Compound effect, go to Innovation cafe, complete all the prep for the product launch (I mean this Journal!), prepare a speech on Tanban and start boxing. 


What to do with habit formation goals?

I put them on a tracker.


My habit formation goals are to

  1. Sleep: 7 hours a night

  2. Follow a 3-step bedtime routine

  3. Maintain my diet


If I manage to meet a goal, I cross out a square for the day; otherwise, I put a dot in there.

I don’t leave it blank because it makes me wonder if I’ve just forgotten that day or what has happened…

I can count the squares with dots at the end of each week to monitor my progress with each new habit.


The last section on this page is IDEAS/ NOTES for this month.


I jot down

– my thoughts on how to get closer to my goals,

– ideas for new goals, or

– how I’m feeling about my progress on habits that I track.


This is a spot to write myself high-level feedback.


On empty page I typically write down the next steps of the project I’m working on so I don’t forget, or make notes if I have new ideas related to it. Sometimes I use this space to elaborate on my ideas from the IDEAS / NOTES section.


In the center, I typically assign a number to each week, but you can leave it blank if you want.


I want to make sure that what I’m doing today is 100%, or at least 80%, aligned with my end goals.

How I set up my day will determine whether or not, and how fast, I’ll reach my goals.


There are seven boxes; each box stands for a day of the week. In each box, I’ll write down To-Dos for each day.

I try to link the to-dos in these boxes with my monthly focus and activities that I track.


Let’s say if my goal is to grow my YouTube channel, I’m gonna be thinking,

Which of the days I can film a video on. Aha, for this week it’s Monday and Wednesday.


I included “Grateful for” because gratefulness is positively linked with an overall perception of happiness.


I’m typically a happy and positive person but sometimes I start a pity party or have thoughts like, “it’s been pouring rain all day, I hate this.” Maybe in your country it’s boiling hot, and you hate that. We can’t really fool ourselves into suddenly loving things we actually hate, but we can shift our focus to other things.


For example, I’m grateful that my readers are so supportive. Acknowledging that fills me with happiness and prevents from going down the path of negative and miserable self-talk. That’s why I’ve included some gratitude practice in the journal.


Now we’ve got IDEAS / NOTES for a week.


I keep my Journal open when I work because then, if some idea flits through my head, I’m not distracted by delving into it just yet.


Instead, I write all my intuitions, random thoughts, and ideas down and consider what to do with them later. 



Now a little insight into how the journal is set up:


There are five weeks for each month.


I prefer to split the days of the week to fall into separate months.

So let’s say I’ll place the last two days of April 2019 under April and the remaining five days of the week I will place in May.


If you don’t want to separate the week, leave the weekly spread for the last week of April 2019 blank and transfer all days to the subsequent month; in our example it’s May. You can make a note for yourself if you like.


Does that make sense? 

If not, shoot me an email on or text me on IG @tiana_mcboz.


At the end of the journal are 64 blank pages. I use this space to elaborate on my ideas and goals.


For example, if my goal is to become more social by going to a social gathering once a month through December 2019,

then I put the number of a blank page (say, 167) next to my goal, and on that page, I list social activities I might be interested in.


Here are some ideas of what you can jot down on these pages:

  • ideas/notes elaborating on topics from the weekly / monthly spreads

  • things that you always wanted to do but have never had a chance to

  • people you want to reconnect with

  • wise phrases your friend shared with you

  • themes for this month

  • movies to watch this month

  • the most memorable moments from your day

  • gift ideas

  • books to read this month

  • podcasts / audiobooks to listen to this month

  • challenges, such as talk to one person a day, go 2 weeks without sugar, no social media for 14 days

  • long-term aspirations to explore later


I’m absolutely fired up to see how you set up the Journal and learn about the amazing results it will bring you. 


Use #journalforbusypeople to get inspired and inspire others!


If you want more insights, check FAQ.


Hit me up on IG @tiana_mcboz to simply say Hi, ask your question or share your experience. I’d love to know.


– Tiana xx


  • Do you take enough risks?
I was watching "Bohemian Rhapsody" when the idea crossed my mind that we live our lives on a luke-warm level.
No, I don't mean drugs, mess and rock&roll 😃
Here's what I mean saying "luke-warm level"
🔹 Someone holds back their feelings
🔹 Another person never speaks up for herself
🔹 And you, yes you, maybe you don't set ambitious goals?
We are all slightly terrified to take initiative in our lives because it's not easy.
I'm scared too. What drives me to be proactive though is that everything in life is temporary. If YOU don't take it, someone else will. If YOU don't do it now, the moment is gone.
The first step to change is, to understand what it is you truly want and what direction you are heading.
Do you always know what you want in life?
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  • Journal for Busy People is now live on AMAZON US. 🎉 Link in bio!
Gathering initial customer feedback, revising dozens of samples, doing tons of quality tests, experiencing postponed deadlines, dip moments and sleepless nights...
Whoa, it's been a wild ride!
Now, I'm absolutely proud & happy to share the Journal for Busy People with you!
What is Journal for Busy People?
It’s a planner and goal-setting journal
What’s in it for you?
The Journal is unique because of its top-down approach which helps:
🔸 set goals systematically
🔸 learn about your inner self
🔸 understand your key priorities
🔸 achieve your main goals
What does it mean?
✔️You’ll achieve your goals because you plan your today based on the main destinations you set.
✔️ You’ll develop healthy habits because you track them every day.
✔️ You’ll reduce anxiety because you plan mindfully.
✔️ You’ll get rid of the feeling that you’re busy doing nothing because you’ll know you’re doing meaningful tasks daily.
Are you curious?
If yes... I linked my YT videos and product page in bio.
Note: We can currently ship in the USA only.
P.S. So grateful for my family and friends for being resilient with myself, my moods, and work hours. I cannot thank you enough for your continuous feedback and love that I feel every day 💖
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  • Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon.
✨We see this successful businessman whose life looks impeccable.
✨We think that this mega-popular athlete didn't live through regular bone-brushing drills.
✨We look at these influential speakers and think they were born like this.
The progress is so messy.
And it's made of little mundane and unsexy things that get done every day in private.
It's especially hard when you don't see an immediate return:
🔹When I choose to work on weekends when everyone else is out having fun.
🔹When I set tight boundaries on my time and high standards for the people around.
🔹When I spend this hour boxing, but that cheesecake is too tempting.
Trust me, it's NOT easy for me. I'm not any different from you.
So, let's remember for the next time —
These little things do compound over time and result in a very different body, relationships, business, and lifestyle.
Don't undervalue your marathon because if you stay in your lane, you'll succeed.
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  • How to STOP drifting through life?
👉If you've ever been uncertain about what you want;
👉If you've ever felt lost in life;
👉If you've ever drifted without any direction...
Chances are, we'll get along.
I know how it feels. I drifted too, and my favorite way was...
If I had an idea, I couldn’t sleep till I get it done. But once it's done, I’m like, why did I do it in the first place? 🤔
Because I was clueless about my direction. It felt like I was busy doing nothing.
And like you, I was wondering what's the solution?
I transformed Kanban (a well-known tool in Project Management invented at Toyota) into Tanban (Tiana + Kanban😜) to help me
✔️overcome endless planning and never actually doing,
✔️move into "mindful doing" as opposed to doing things randomly,
✔️understand my WHY,
✔️complete my projects.
In practice, it enabled me to
✔️write a best-seller book;
✔️launch my website;
✔️balance my social life and business...
And not only that...
If you want to explore more, you're always welcomed to my website. Link in bio.
If not, tell me then,
What's your favorite way of "drifting"? And how do you cope?
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  • Today at work I got asked, What my New Year resolutions are?
To me, New Year resolutions are just another name for my goals, and the 1st of January is just another day.
I set my goals in December and started working on them straight.
There is no such a thing like "I will start from the 1st of Jan" because it means I'm here just to procrastinate.
Good things don't come to those who wait in this case.
Have an idea? Act on it.
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