How to use assertive communication

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I think about journey to assertiveness as dominos. When you knock down the first domino everything falls into place gradually.
It happened to me. I developed just one assertive trait, managed the first difficult thing even when it seemed small, and it created a chain reaction. It made developing the next assertive quality easier, partly because the people around started perceiving me somewhat different, and also because I gained the confidence which helped me to develop assertive traits much quicker than I thought.

I wrote this book to share my tips of assertiveness that I use over and over again.

What’s in it for you?
You will learn:
•about your communication style
•what type of listening to use for what situation
•how to build a positive communication environment
•my tips with examples on how to become assertive
•how to apply assertiveness in your workplace and personal life

What does this mean?
You’ll start practicing assertiveness after having read this book because this book has action points. I included exercises after each major key suggestion for you to practice straight away.

How to do it?
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