If you’ve been using a Bullet Journal (BuJo) for a long time,

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       Pens (color, white, black)



       Stationery organizers


***This post contains the products that I personally use and those that constantly receive positive feedback from my readers. Affiliate links are used***



          Zebra Mild pack

What is critical when it comes to choosing pens for BuJo is that they should not bleed.

They should still be bright but do not bleed through the page. 

These pens below are relatively bright and don’t bleed (almost).

(Pictures are clickable)


        Zebra Neon pack

The above set fits my style better, but if you have certain creative ideas in mind


where these pens could help, go ahead and get the neon set.

(Pictures are clickable)

         A bigger set of Zebra Pens

A set of 5 pens might do for you; but if you paint a lot, you might want to get a set of 15 pens.  

They are double ended: there are a highlighter side and a pointed side of the same color.

I personally think they are good for headliners, they are thick so do not expect fine lines with them.

(Pictures are clickable)



       Planner Pens

A set of 18 pens. They are fine and smooth.

They bleed more than the pens shown above or below (i.e., Zebra and Micron) but not very badly.

I would go again for them if I needed particular colors. 

(FYI: I don’t do creative layouts anymore:))

(Pictures are clickable)

             Micron Pens

A set of 8 pens. They are known for not fading away but staying for a long time.

They are very smooth. It goes not get ruined when you go over with a marker.

(Pictures are clickable)


         Tanmit Pens

These pens are known for their unique and bright colors.

You will get a whole variety to choose from.

They are smooth and easy to use but they may bleed a little, especially if you use the ‘brush’ side.

(Pictures are clickable)




       Uni Ball White Pens

The most important feature of the white pens is they should be able to write over anything.

These pens can; they are bright enough and dry out easily.

(Pictures are clickable)



            Pigma Micron Drawing Pen Set

This set gets handy when you sketch and need different thickness: ultra fine and thicker.

These pens are waterproof and lightfast (which Micron is known for).

They smudge only slightly when you touch your writing right away,

but honestly it does not completely ruin your writing.

If you go over with a marker right after, it does not smudge though.

Be aware that the nibs are not refillable.

(Pictures are clickable)

          Faber Castell Pitt Pen

This set also comes in different thickness: ultra fine and thicker.

It does not bleed through the page and does not smudge.

I think this is what distinguishes them from the other sets.

If you touch your writing right away, it will not smudge at all.

Be aware that the nibs are not refillable.

(Pictures are clickable)

         Copic Multiliner Pens

They do not bleed through the page.

When you go over with a marker or touches your writing,

you may need to wait a bit till it dries out.

Otherwise, it gets ruined. They have refillable and replaceable nibs.

Thus, they are more expensive but could be cheaper in the long run.

(Pictures are clickable)


               Faber-Castel Graphite Sketch Set (includes metal sharpener and dust-free eraser)

(Pictures are clickable)

At some point, I realized that I need a greater variety of pencils I was using at that time.

I like minimalist designs, but I also had moments when I felt like sketching, drawing… 

To emphasize all the shades, I need more than just HB (Hard and Black).

Sometimes I need to go a bit softer, so I choose for B (i.e., Blackness).

The higher the number is on the B side of the scale, the darker the mark will be.

The higher the number on the H side of the scale, the lighter the mark will be.


You get a great variety on Amazon.


I personally like something simple and minimalist, like this one:


          Black-and-white washi

(Pictures are clickable)

For those who want more colors, here is the option:


           Cheerful washi

(Pictures are clickable)



Do you have a place for your stationery?


Even if it is not for you BuJo stuff, it is good to be organized and get something you can store your supplies.


          Black Pencil holder

(Pictures are clickable)


            Black Pen Case

I think it looks so stylish!🤩


Trust me, all your friends will bombard you with questions:

“Where did you get this one?”


Because it is small, capacious and expensive-looking.


There are different colors, but I am obsessed with the black version! 


(Pictures are clickable)


       Pencil Case Holder Slot 


This is love on the first sight! Doesn’t it look fantastic!?


I am so in love with this one: color, space, quality – everything is perfect and very unique! 😻

(Pictures are clickable)


    UTRO Pencil Case

This option is handy if you have quite some stuff.


In the middle, you can place your pens, pencils.


At the top and bottom some tools (e.g., eraser, washi, scissors etc).


(Pictures are clickable)


    Multifunction Case

For pens lovers!

(Pictures are clickable)


       Large Pencil Case

If you have some stuff, but not a lot I would recommend getting this case.

(Pictures are clickable)


     Acrylic Case 5 Drawers

(Pictures are clickable)

Here is what it looks like when filled with your BuJo supplies:

I hope my suggestions help you get started, upgrade your BuJo, and get your space more organized.




Consider using your BuJo for improving your mental health!


Btw, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got problems, buut…


There’s always a room for improvement 😉




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