– Unbelievably expensive pens…


– Fancy bags for supplies…


– Washi and other complex stuff…



I wrote this post for

those who don’t really need to spend much just LEARN if Bullet Journaling works for them.


           If you don’t know what Bullet Journal (BuJo) is, click here.


When (and if) you get more certain about Bullet Journaling,


you can go ahead and get more advanced tools. Find inspiration in my other post!



***This post contains the products that I personally use and those that constantly receive positive feedback from my readers. Affiliate links are used***





I discuss it in more detail in my book: A Practical Guide How to Start a Bullet Journal“.



Three options I am obsessed with:


          Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Medium Dotted Journal

(Pictures are clickable) 

Medium size fits my hand well when I’m writing. It feels comfy.

This journal comes with pre-numbered pages 😍 which OMG – such a time saver!


It has a greater number of pages (249 pages) than other journals you will see in this post.




               Minimalism Art Notebook

(Pictures are clickable)


This is a cheaper friend of Leuchtturm1917.


I have recently discovered this one for myself, and I think it is decent.


If you do not mind striped paper and non-numbered pages, you can go ahead and get one.


Ultimately, it boils down to if you prefer dotted or blank paper.


If you haven’t tried anything yet, probably go for striped and see if it’s too not many lines for you. 🙂



Lemome Dotted Bullet Notebook 

(Pictures are clickable)

Lemome is known for thick pages.


It comes with 120gsm paper which means you should have a minimum show-through.

To my mind, it’s among the BEST Journal to start with because:


   – Minimum show-through if you happen to get clumsy with pens


   – Not as expensive as the first Journal


   – It has everything you need except for the pre-numbered pages,


and it’s up for you to decide whether you’re willing to pay extra and have the individually numbered pages


(Leuchtturm1917), or pay less and get your Lemome.




               Faber Castell Grip HB Pencil


This pencil is very popular among experienced users.


HB stands for hard and black nature of the lead. See the scale below.




HB is the most suitable for writing and kind of “one-size-fits-all”.


Let me explain.


When I was studying at the Art School, they always told me:


       “If you unsure, go for HB”.


Gip in the name stands for the pencil’s body which prevents it from slipping out of your hands.


So I recommend this one as it is quite standard and easy to use.


(Pictures are clickable)




             Faber Castell Pencil Eraser

A good eraser that does not produce so much dust.


(Pictures are clickable)

              Pilot G2 0.38 Black Pen 

(Pictures are clickable)


These pens are perfect for drawing because gel dries quickly;


they do not leave ‘drag marks’ from your hands.


They are extremely easy to use: you don’t need to press down hard to get the result you want to.


In my experience, the majority of BuJo people use these pens.


Muji Point Black Pens

(Pictures are clickable)


Still, there are some people who prefer Muji over Pilot G2 0.38 Pens.


If you do not like Pilot for some reason, you can go for Muji pens.


They seem a bit brighter on paper and can smudge slightly more than Pilot G2 0.38 Pens.


There is no dramatic difference between them, but…


I would recommend starting out with Pilot G2 0.38 Pens as they are easier to use.

An example of how Muji writes:



              Plastic Transparent Ruler


(Pictures are clickable)


The only requirement for a ruler is that it has to be transparent.


It is simply more convenient when you can see where and what you are drawing.


But it is up to you in the end.


You will get two rulers: 12 Inches and 6 Inches


That’s it.


In total, you will invest $ 19.68 in this ‘trial’.


Honestly, it’s enough to get a gist of bullet journaling and learn if it works for you.


When (and if) you get more certain about Bullet Journaling, you can consider more advanced tools – check them out here.


Now, when you have tools, you mush be wondering:


Fine, what’s next?


You can try to figure out on your own or…


Accept my help.


I’m offering you a book: A Practical Guide How to Start A Bullet Journal.


Look inside and decide if it’s for you.


Feel free to hit me up on Instagram @tianamcboz to share what you think. I’d love to know.