Purpose of the blog

How to manage your time, increase productivity, and develop your social skills

You can learn it all here, and a bit more than that…

Sometimes we are indeed searching for a precise advice. The other times we are just hoping to learn from others’ mistakes and adapt their insights.

We often say, “I wish I knew this before”. What if you get this opportunity right now?

On my journey, the best advice I have received was not necessarily from famous gurus, this is just motivational, but from those who were just one or two steps further in life.

They are still of the same generation; their background might be very similar to mine; and the path they’ve just gone is still fresh…. So that the insights are most relevant to me.  

That is why the thoughts, experiences, and advice from those people were precious. I could easily adjust it to my situation and implement it today.

In my blog, these are not secret tips or “easy-to-fix solutions”. What you will find I call: “the content of my journey”.  I am big on analyzing and reflecting.  I looked back and asked myself, “What has the greatest impact on my development?” This is exactly what I’ll share with you in a hope that you, too, will begin your journey to become the best version of yourself with me.

My books:
➡️Practical Guide How to Start A Bullet Journal
➡️Introvert’s Guide on Practical Ways to Start Any Conversation and Improve Your Social Life
➡️Guide on How to Use a Bullet Journal for Better Mental Health